Presentation to the Swim England South West Coach of the Year

On Sunday 14th January at the Region's Water Polo Championships at Millfield, Sue Dors Presented John Spicer with his Coach of the Year Award. 

As a former player and now CSWPC Junior coach for many years, John has been developing and enthusing CSWPC, South West and National players for many years in the sport of Water Polo.  He is attributed to having brought on the most number of regional and National Age Group Players in the county and indeed his peers in the country.

As a senior coach he not only holds classes for CSWPC players, 4 times a week, manages the various league and tournament for ages 2004 to 2001 Age group, both at local level and Midland League,  and NAGS he also acts as senior coach at national levels as part of NAGS and as their senior SW regional coach and as NAGs WP coach for selection, Training and camps. 

John has been instrumental in starting and running Cheltenham’s After School Water Polo Sessions which has, and continues to, allow prospective new players the experience of water polo training at a cost which is not prohibitive to any financial demographic.  His teams have excelled at every level and you will see Cheltenham and South West players that started under Johns watch at every level of water polo, from the newest Junior to the most senior England and GB players both boys and girls, men and women.  He has worked tirelessly for the sport of Water Polo and during a time of on going austerity continues to bring in new players to a Healthy and thriving club. 

As a senior coach he mentors many of our players and coaches and I believe there will not be one coach or Water Polo official in the U.K. who has not either had interaction or advice from this fine man.  Whilst I could list his achievements in the last 12 months, I believe this nomination should be seen on Johns many merits, mentoring achievements and exceptional dedication to our sport for club, country, player, and parent at both Local and National level and is well over due.  Without complaint, with a smile and sometimes a loud voice and a shout, his players would swim the world for their coach and as a parent of one such player I think an award of this type is well over due to coach John Spicer of Cheltenham Swimming and Water Polo Club.

Congratulations John. 

Posted by Swim England South West on January 18th 2018

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