Water Polo

Water Polo

The Water Polo Committee works with the regional staff on development initiatives to support water polo opportunities.  It is responsible for the co-ordination of and delivery of:-

• Intra and Inter-Regional competitions and teams representing the Region in the Discipline

• The development of coaches and officials

• Elite training for players and being the sole conduit for advancement to national representation.

Water Polo has a number of key goals in the Region:-

• To develop the discipline by assisting member Clubs and County associations in relation to its areas of responsibility 

• To achieve 'top 4' positions at all Inter-Regional competitions

• To provide a pro-rata (to population) number of players to GB / national training squads

• To achieve in excess of pro-rata (to population) representation within GB age groups, other than Senior International Representation.

If you are looking for a University Water Polo Scholarship please visit the Swim England Water Polo Scholarship Guide. 

Water Polo Contacts

Chair & Finance Officer - Stuart Noyce

Secretary - Mike Coles

Visit the Water Polo Facebook page for all up to date news and information by clicking here

Important Dates 2020

Swim England Inter - Region Championships

- 25th/26th January Girls Under 18's, East Manchester Leisure Centre, Manchester

- 2nd/3rd February Boys Under 18's, Ponds Forge Sheffield

- 27th/28th June, Boys Under 16, Division 1 at Gloucester (hosted by the South West. Division 2 at Palatine Leisure Centre, Blackpool)

- 4th/5th July, Girls Under 16 (Born 2005 and under), Division 1 at Palatine Leisure Centre, Blackpool, Division 2 at Gala Baths, Walsall.

- 5th/6th December, Boys Under 14 (Born in 2007 and under), Walsall Gala Baths, Walsall.

- 12th/13th December, Girls Under 14 (Born 2007 and under), Walsall Gala Baths, Walsall.

Swim England South West Region Inter - County

- 21st/22nd November at Millfield School Pool

Swim England South West Regional Training Academy Dates:


- 15th February - 12:30pm - 4:30pm

- 7th March - 5pm - 9pm (Under 16 team trial)

- 2nd May - 5pm-9pm

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