Water Polo

Water Polo

The Water Polo Committee works with the regional staff on development initiatives to support water polo opportunities.  It is responsible for the co-ordination of and delivery of:-

• Intra and Inter-Regional competitions and teams representing the Region in the Discipline

• The development of coaches and officials

• Elite training for players and being the sole conduit for advancement to national representation.

Water Polo has a number of key goals in the Region:-

• To develop the discipline by assisting member Clubs and County associations in relation to its areas of responsibility 

• To achieve 'top 4' positions at all Inter-Regional competitions

• To provide a pro-rata (to population) number of players to GB / national training squads

• To achieve in excess of pro-rata (to population) representation within GB age groups, other than Senior International Representation.

If you are looking for a University Water Polo Scholarship please visit the Swim England Water Polo Scholarship Guide. 

Inter County Water Polo Championship 2017

Please complete (by ticking each box of the competition you wish to enter) and return the below form together with payment by way of cheque in respect of each of the competitions which your County may wish to enter in 2016. The dates of all the Championships will be announced once the entries have been received.

Please note that Inter-Club Championships will be held providing that there is an appropriate number of entries for the Championships to be run in accordance with budget constraints. In the event the Championships does not take place then your entry fee will be refunded.

Entry Form and Conditions. 

South West Regional Water Polo Academy

Key information relating to the recommencement of the ASA SW Regional Water Polo Academy for 2017/18 with dates for the trial being:

23rd September - 12.30-14.30 girls 2003-2005

                              - 14.30 -16.30 girls 2001-2002

30th September - 12.30-14.30 boys 2003-2005

                              - 14.30 -16.30 boys 2001-2002

(Please arrive 30 mins before for registration)

1. Rationale for / Purpose of the Regional Academy

With the demise of the centralized England Talent, the ASA SW Region Water Polo Committee has therefore continued to make arrangements for a Regional Academy to run the elite training pathway on behalf of the ASA and will also use these sessions to assist with training and selection of regional squads.

2. Who Operates the Regional Academy

The Regional Academy is operated by the ASA SW Region through the Water Polo Committee. The Regional Academies are 'stand-alone' and not the subject of any management by any higher authority or any individual at 'national level'. Therefore, to the extent that you may have any issue relating to the Regional Academy you should address these through:

Colin Hunt (e: adminWP.SW@virginmedia.com / t: 07910651885)

Colin will be the administrator for the Regional Academy, and will take up day to day administration and act as the first point of contact for those individuals attending the Regional Academy .

3. Relationship between the Regional Academy, Inter Regional Championships and England Talent

The Regional Academy put in place by each of the ASA Regions are to develop players and has potential for players to also be nominated to attend England Talent / national team consideration.

The ASA SW Region will continue to select teams to represent the Region within the ASA Inter-Regional Championships with the aim of fielding the strongest possible team. Therefore, technically, a player who is exceptional but chooses not to attend the Regional Academy or with a view to participating with England Talent could still be selected to represent the ASA SW Region within the Inter-Regional Championships.  These sessions will thou be used to develop team tactics and therefore it is highly advisable to attend the Regional Academy.

4. Locations and Dates of the Regional Academy for 2017/2018 will be confirmed in the near future:

The Regional Academy will be held at Hengrove Park, Bristol for the remainder of 2017 sessions.

Hengrove Park Leisure Centre, 

Hengrove Promenade, 

Hengrove Park, 


BS14 0DE

TEL: 01179370200

The Academy anticipates to hold seven sessions in the months of September, October, November, December, January, February and April (will break for the month of March)

Players of suitable ability will be invited to return from the first Regional Academy in September to all subsequent sessions in 2017/18.

The fee to attend the first session/trial on the 23rd or 30th September 2017 is £10 per person (payment details to follow)

If you are invited back to the Regional Academy then the remaining fee will be £10 per session, total £60 to cover the remaining sessions.  We cannot accept part-payment where players can only make some of the sessions.

What you need to do to attend the Regional Academy

If you wish to attend the Regional Academy you need to email the following details to the above address:




I hope that thisl provides you with a good level of initial information. If you do have any immediate questions please contact Colin on the above address.

Water Polo Contacts

Chair - Stuart Noyce

Secretary - Mike Coles

Treasurer - Phil Garrad

Visit the Water Polo Facebook page for all up to date news and information by clicking here

Water Polo Technical Committee Meeting Minutes 

Water Polo Technical Committee Meeting Minutes - July 2017

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