The goal of the Swimming Committee is to develop talent and to provide opportunity for swimmers, whatever their ability or age, to achieve their potential.  The Swimming Committee is assisted by 3 sub-committees to run competitions for swimmers aged 11/12 and upwards:-

  • Officials
  • Coaches
  • Masters

In addition to the full range of competitions, the Region also sends a team of swimmers annually to an Overseas Camp.  This camp includes education, training and an opportunity for swimmers to experience competition in an international environment, away from their home club.

Three training camps are run during the year as part of the England Talent Programme, focusing at Regional level on 12 year olds.  These involve specific aspects of stroke development, land training and talks.

The Region organises, assists and helps fund the training of Officials.  We hold CPD seminars and mentoring courses to ensure all our Officials are kept up to date with new developments, and that competitions at all levels are staffed with the correct level of competence.

As well as arranging coaching courses as and when required, the Region supports the development of Coaches by running seminars, workshops and conferences. Coaches are also encouraged to assist at the training camps and the Overseas Camp.

Job descriptions for the roles within the Swimming Committee and sub committee are detailed below, please click on the relevant role to view the full job description:

Swimming Manager 
Swimming Committee Secretary
Swimming Committee Finance Controller
Admin & Events Co-Ordinator
Regional Licencing Officer
Officials Committee Secretary
Regional Technical Officials Training & Development Co-Ordinator
Coaches Committee roles & Duties of Secretary/Coaches Administrator
Meet Organiser
Masters Committee Secretary

We have the following links to various areas of information relating to Swimming. 

Click here to view the Competition Calendar.

Updated December 2023

SC Open Male RecordsUpdated April 2024

SC Open Female Records updated April 2024

Click here to view the current Long Course Records (both Junior and Senior) Updated April 2024

2024 Regional Events 

Summer Championships 

Psych Sheets for the events are now available - click here to download. (There will be no further amendments to the programme from 12/04/2024 @ 17:15)

Click here to download the Summer Championships Conditions. These also include the Para Swimming times and condtions. 

Please note there are 4 times in the document which have been changed from previous versions. These are: Boys 13yrs 800 Free, Boys 13yrs 1500 Free, girls 11/12yrs 1500 Free and Girls 14yrs 1500 Free. 

Swimming Officials / Licenced Meet Documents

In order to run our meets we always require Officials, please check back here for updates and information about Regional opportunies for both Officiating at our events and training that we are providing. 

Online J1 Training Success

Following the success of the SW Pilot of the J1 online the Region has been generously fully funding SW candidates through their  J1 training since January 2020. 

To read about the scheme (course information) and to apply for your voucher please follow the guidelines found on the below links.

Enrolling on the J1 online without Timekeeper

Enrolling on the J1 online

Judge 2 training continues to be delivered by ZOOM on the fourth Wednesday of each month on a rolling basis. To find out what is involved and how to apply read the fact sheet.

Questions on any aspect of Officials Training can be directed to Jill Beard The Regional Officials Training and Development Coordinator on beardfamilyuk@icloud.com


Please click here for the current guidance

Licensed Meet Information

All Licensed meet documents once completed need to be sent to Lesley Leffers on glleffers@btinternet.com (contact tel: 07707 470100) 

SE Licensed Meet Officials' Requirements 2022.pdf

Licensed Meet Documents

Licensed Meet How to Guide

Swim England Licensing Criteria

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