The goal of the Swimming Committee is to develop talent and to provide opportunity for swimmers, whatever their ability or age, to achieve their potential.  The Swimming Committee is assisted by 5 sub-committees to run competitions for swimmers aged 11/12 and upwards:-

  • Officials
  • Coaches
  • Events
  • Masters
  • Para Swimming

In addition to the full range of competitions, the Region also sends a team of swimmers annually to an Overseas Camp.  This camp includes education, training and an opportunity for swimmers to experience competition in an international environment, away from their home club.

Three training camps are run during the year as part of the England Talent Programme, focusing at Regional level on 12 year olds.  These involve specific aspects of stroke development, land training and talks.

The Region organises, assists and helps fund the training of Officials.  We hold CPD seminars and mentoring courses to ensure all our Officials are kept up to date with new developments, and that competitions at all levels are staffed with the correct level of competence.

As well as arranging coaching courses as and when required, the Region supports the development of Coaches by running seminars, workshops and conferences. Coaches are also encouraged to assist at the training camps and the Overseas Camp.

Job descriptions for the roles within the Swimming Committee and sub committee are detailed below, please click on the relevant role to view the full job description:

Swimming Manager 

Swimming Committee Secretary

Swimming Committee Finance Controller
Admin & Events Co-Ordinator
Regional Licencing Officer
Officials Committee Secretary
Regional Technical Officials Training & Development Co-Ordinator
Coaches Committee roles & Duties of Secretary/Coaches Administrator
Meet Organiser
Masters Committee Secretary

Team Manager courses levels 1 and 2 are run as required.  Club Team Managers have the opportunity to enhance their skills by attending the annual Coaches/Team Managers Conferences and assisting at training camps and overseas camps.

Click here to view the Competition Calendar.

Click here to view the current Regional Swimming Record holders.

Click here to view the current Regional Championships Best Times 2019 - Short Course.

2020 Regional Competitions

We are pleased to announce that the meet information for the 2020 Regional competition programme is now available.

Click here for the Entry pack

Click here for the Summer Championships Qualifying times and Consideration times

Click here to view the entry form/call for officials to attend Regional Events in 2020.

Click here to view the Para Swimming Entry Form for 2020 (8th 9th & 10th May at Plymouth)

Click here to view the Para Entry times for 2020

2019 Regional Competitions 

We are pleased to announce that the meet information for the 2019 Regionally organised competitions is now available. 

Click here for the Entry Pack

Click here for the 2019 Summer Champs Qualifiying and Consideration Times. 

Click here for the Para Entry Document.

Click here for the Para Entry Times.

Click here to view the timetable for 2019 Winter Champs.

Regional Championships 2019 Parents Talk Resources

Click here to view the presentation from Saturday 11th May and click here for the supporting document, the Youth Physical Development Model. 

Regional Championships 2018 Parents Talk Resources

Click here to view presentation from the 2018 Parents Talk. 

On the First weekend of Regional Champs a talk about Nutrition took place click here for the presentation. 

Competition Conditions for all Regional Events. 

2020 International meet

The Region will be sending a team of 30 swimmers to the Lisbon International meet in February 2020.  The team will be leaving on 6th February 2020 and returning home on the 10th February 2020.
Swimmers will be selected at the end of September 2019 and notified early in October.  Please click here to view the selection policy for this event.

Click here to view the revised Team List as of 08/01/2020

Swimming Officials / Licenced Meet Documents

In order to run our meets we always require Officials, please click here to view the events for the year together with an application form to register your availability


Mileage will be checked and verification may be requested before payment is made. Payment for mileage will be made at an agreed current rate set by Swim England South West and will normally be between home address and the venue. If the journey starting point differs from the home address payment will be made for whichever is the shorter distance. Where an official has a competing swimmer at boarding school and travels from outside the region, mileage will only be paid from swimmer’s home club/school. Mileage between the pool and the hotel will be limited to 5 miles. 

Mileage is paid for officials who work for the whole day (i.e. at least 2 sessions one of which includes the finals) at Championship Meets or at other events for the whole competition (i.e. Sprints, Masters, Disability). Relays – at least 2 sessions to be worked.


Applicable to Youth, Age Groups, Championships or any event with consecutive days. Maximum claim 1 night per weekend or 2 nights if work 3 days. Officials must work all sessions over both or all days, Journey must be in excess of 1 hour.

Claims for accommodation on the night prior to competition (e.g. Friday night) are allowed if the journey is in excess of 75 miles or 1.5 hours in time and the official works two full days.

Accommodation to be shared where possible. Accommodation costs will be considered for those who make an official request on the Officials form, and approved in advance. Officials will need to book their own accommodation and make a claim for re-imbursement on the Regional Expenses Form and include the receipt for both hotel and evening meal.

Presently the maximum allowance is £80 for 2 officials sharing a double/twin room or £60 single including breakfast and car parking charges. Accommodation costs above this amount will not be refunded except with prior approval.

Evening Meal

This is normally paid for those who have approval for overnight accommodation. A detailed receipt MUST be attached to the claim form. If the receipt is for multiple people it must be clear which items are for the official. Current rate is a maximum of £17.50 per night (alcohol cannot be included).

NB. Those who fulfil club duties requested by the Events Management Secretary are not entitled to claim expenses. With attendance agreed by the Regional Officials Organiser prior to the event, J1 trainee Officials will be provided with lunch and may claim expenses subject to prior authorisation from the regional officials’ organiser

Useful Documents 

Licensed Meet How to Guide

Licensed Meet Application Form

Open Meet Promoter Report Form

Open Meet Referee Report Form

Open Meet Technical Officials Attendance Sheet

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