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Swimming Results 2022

Results Summer Championships - Hengrove Leisure Centre May 7th and 8th 
Results Summer Championships - Plymouth Life Centre April 30th, May 1st and 2nd 
Results Summer Championships - Millfield School April 23rd and 24th 

Artistic Swimming Results 2022

Results 12&U Figures March 2022
Results 13-15 Figures March 2022
Results 15-18 Figures March 2022
Results 12&U Solo March 2022
Results 13-15 Solo March 2022
Results 15-18 Solo March 2022
Results 12&U Team March 2022
Results 13-15 Team  March 2022
Results 15-18 Team March 2022
Results 15-18 Duet March 2022

Swimming Results 2021

Individual Scores

Team Scores 

Masters Inter Counties  November 14th


HyTek Files - available on request

Winter Short Course Championships November 5th, 6th, 7th
Results Festival of Swimming - Plymouth Life Centre July 24th and 25th
Results Festival of Swimming - Millfield School July 24th and 25th

Swimming Results 2020

Results Para meet May 30th 2020
Results Summer Champs April 25th and 26th 2020
Results Summer Champs May 2nd and 3rd 2020
Results Summer Champs May 8th, 9th and 10th 2020
Results FAST 5 July 5th 2020
Results Masters September 27th 2020
Results Winter Champs November 6th, 7th and 8th 2020
Results  Masters Inter Counties November 15th 2020

Swimming Results 2019

 Results  Para Swimming Meet 9th March
 Results Summer Championships 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th May  
Points    Results Fast 5 7th July
 Results Relays  22nd September
 Results Master Championships 29th September
 Results Winter Championships 1st, 2nd, 3rd November
 Results Masters Inter-Counties 10th November

Swimming Results 2018

Results Para Swimming Meet TBC
Results Summer Championships 5th, 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th May 
Results      Points Fast 5 8th July
Results Relays  23rd September 
Results Master Championships TBC
Results Winter Championships 2nd, 3rd, 4th November
Points Masters Inter-Counties 18th November

Open Water Results 2018

Results Open Water Championships  7th July

Water Polo Results 2018 

Results Inter County Tournament  14th January
Results U16 Girls Inter Regionals 7-8th July
Results U16 Boys Inter Regionals 30th June 1st July
Results Inter County Torunament 24th & 25th November

Swimming Results 2017

Results Para Swimming Meet
Results Youth Regionals 29/30th April / 1st May
Results Age Group Regionals 13th/14th/21st May
Results Fast 5 2nd July
17+ Points Fast 5 2nd July
Points Fast 5 2nd July
Results Relays  17th September
Results Master Championships 24th September
Results Winter Championships 3rd/4th/5th November
Results Masters Inter-Counties 12th November

Water Polo Results 2017

Results 12&U Mixed Inter County Tournament  2nd December

Open Water Results 2017

Results Open Water Championships  24th June

Swimming Results 2016

Results Duel Para Meet 13 March
Results Youth Championships 30 April,1/2 May
Results Age Group Championships 14/15/21/22 May
Results Fast 5 3 July
Results Relays 18 September
Results Masters Championships 25 September
Results Winter Championships 4/5/6 November
Results Masters Inter-Counties 20 November

Open Water Results 2016

Results  Open Water Championships 25th June 

Swimming Results 2015

Results Zonal Meet 31st January / 1st February
Results Youth Championships 2nd-4th May
Results Age Group Championships 16/17/31/31st May
Results Fast 5 5th July
Results Relays 20th September
Results Para Swimming 4th October
Results Winter Championships 7th/8th November
Results Masters Inter County 15th November

Open Water Results 2015

Results Open Water Championships Summer 2015

Swimming Results 2014


800m/1500m Time Trial

19 January
Results Zonal Meet 25/26 January
Results Youth Championships 3/4/5 May
Results BAGCAT Championships 7/8/14/15 June
Results Sprint Championships 6 July
Results Relay Championships 21 September
Results Winter Championships 6/7 December

Open Water Results 2014

Results  Open Water Championships 2014 Summer 2014

Swimming Results 2013

Results Distance Time Trial 19 January
Results Youth Championships 4/5/6 May
Results Team Relays 19 May
Bagcat Points
Age Group Championships 1/2/8/9 June
Girls 17 & Over Revised Points
Sprint Competition 7 July
Results Masters Sprints 29 September
Results Winter Championships 7/8 December

Open Water Results 2013

Results Open Water Championships Summer 2013

Swimming Results 2012

Results Youth Championships 5/6/7 May
Results Team Relays 20 May
Results Age Group Championships 9/10/16/17 June
Results Sprint Competition 30 June
Results Masters Sprint Competition 30 September
Results Inter County Masters 18 November
Results Winter Championships 1/2 December
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