FINA Swimming Rules update for 2017-2021

FINA Swimming Rules update for 2017-2021 come into effect on MONDAY 2nd October 2017

 There changes affecting the technical rules of racing are summarized on the following handout produced by FINA. 

In the British Swimming Officials CPD unit being used to brief all our technical officials there is also reference to the FINA clarification given below made to the underwater swimming phase in fly as follows.  The red strikethrough is now removed from the rule

SW 8.1 From the beginning of the first arm stroke after the start and each turn, the body shall be kept on the breast. Under water kicking on the side is allowed. It is not permitted to roll onto the back at any time, except at the turn after the touch of the wall where it is permissible to turn in any manner as long as the body is on the breast when leaving the wall.

 Removal of confusion with the terminology. The rules still allow kicking underwater after the start and each turn, with the body to be kept on the breast

All licensed swimming officials will be invited to a CPD sessions being held over the coming weeks.   I am happy to answer any questions and once they have attended an update session your club officials should also be able to answer any questions you might have.  If you are unsure please ask and don’t make assumptions based upon what you read.

 With best wishes for a successful 2017-18 swimming season

Posted by Swim England South West on October 2nd 2017

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