Equality and Diversity in Clubs

To help swimming providers offer the best experience possible for trans people, we’ve created a guide in collaboration with trans swimmers and trans support organisations. It is based on accurate insight from a number of sources and tried and tested best practise case studies. This guide aims to broaden understanding of what it means to be trans gender and how to support trans people’s swimming experience. However it will benefit all facility visitors as the key is good old fashioned customer service! Trans people may describe themselves using one or more of a wide variety of terms, but throughout this toolkit, the word ‘trans’ has been used to encompass all of these varying terms.

Benefits of swimming for trans people

Swimming provides a number of health and wellbeing benefits, but particularly to the trans community. For those trans people opting for surgical interventions, swimming can help with weight loss and increasing physical fitness beforehand and also aid recovery afterwards. Because of the inclusive and calming nature that being in the water can offer, swimming can also help to relieve the high levels of stress that trans people live with on a daily basis. Swimming can also provide an opportunity for trans people to meet similar, likeminded people in a safe environment; which for some can be very hard to achieve in everyday life. 

Click here to be directed to the Swim England Equality and Diversity page to view the full guide on Engaging Trans People in Swimming

Posted by Swim England South West on December 14th 2017

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