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Earlier this year, Swim England launched the Coaching and Teaching register. After our analysis, we have noticed that some club submissions show that some teachers and coaches either have no DBS check registered or have one which is more than 3 years old, therefore may not be compliant with Swim England’s Child Safeguarding Policies and Procedures, Wavepower.

The DBS procedure is a key part of the safe recruitment process.  It enables Swim England and the club to make an informed decision around an individual’s suitability to work with children or adults at risk (definitions of adults at risk can be found at the following location swimming.org/library/documents/2747/download).  Any individual, who wishes to work with children or adults at risk is required to undertake a DBS check, which must be renewed every three years.  This helps to provide a safe environment for children within our organisation, and as such, it has been incorporated within Wavepower for some time.  This information can be found within Wavepower, as a core task for Welfare Officers on page 48 and under the Guidance for Coaches, Teachers and Poolside Helpers on page 95.

It may be that your club or the coach in question does not work with children or adults at risk and therefore a DBS check is not required.  If this is the case then please let us know by 31 October 2019 by confirming this in writing to renewals@swimming.org.  

 It may be that the coach in question does have a DBS check with another organisation and has registered for the DBS Update Service but has not shared this with Swim England.  In this case, please ask the coach/teacher to request a DBS Update Service Consent Form from dbs@swimming.org and ensure that it is returned by 30 September 2019. 

 Please also note that all individuals who are required to have a DBS check must complete approved child safeguarding training within a reasonable timescale of taking up the position.  We will be further analysing the data received from the Coaching and Teaching Register and will address any issues regarding child safeguarding training in the coming months.

SwimMark Updates:-

  • Element 13 -Following the launch of the Coaching & Teaching Register SwimMark clubs must now use information from the Register to populate part of Element 13 (i.e. coaches and teachers details only).  Information for remaining club personnel can be added to the current Swim England template (or clubs own document), however DBS, Safeguarding and Qualification information for coaches/teachers must be provided via the register.
  • In relation to the above, 5 individuals from each club can access information from the Register, via OMS.  Club personnel can then download a report from the Register to upload as part of the E13 submission – please refer to the ‘Report’ heading within the attached User Guide or alternatively use the screenshot enclosed for instructions on how to pull off the aforementioned information.

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Posted by Swim England South West on August 19th 2019

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