SW Synchro Novice Figures and Routine Report

On Sunday 30th September the Regional Synchro Novice Figures and Routines were held at the Plymouth Life Centre. 

This competition attracted 122 swimmers from 8 different clubs around the SW and included Swansea from Wales. Sarah Pullan was the referee.

We were pleased that Bob Holman and his wife Diana, the SW region president, attended this event and he presented the medals.

The figure competition was well subscribed and there were four different age groups with medals for each age group.

The medal winners were;


9-10 years  Gold; Marianne Baker –Cheltenham  Silver; Elicia Jewson- Cheltenham  Bronze; Meredith Daniel-St Austell

11-12years  Gold; Isabelle Armstrong-Calne Alpha 4  Silver; Nathalie Bond- Cheltenham  Bronze; Amy Griffiths-Cheltenham

13-15years  Gold; Madeleine Green-Cheltenham  Silver; Anna Curnow-St Austell  Bronze; Holly Grittiths-City of Bristol

WALES Gold;  Eleri Huxtable-Swansea


11-12years  Gold; Lizzy Nile-St Austell  Silver; Gracie Stoneman-St Austell  Bronze; Bethan Skuse-City of Bristol

13-15years Gold; Frankie Smith-St Austell  Silver; Bethan Davies-City of Bristol  Bronze; Abby Reynolds-Taunton Deane

WALES Gold; Megan Mahoney-Swansea Silver; Zihan Lin-Swansea  Bronze; Charlotte Freeth-Swansea 


11-12years  Gold; Romy Rushton-City of Bristol  Silver; Amelie Williams-City of Bristol  Bronze; Isabelle Aston-City of Bristol

13-15years  Gold; Eva Gardner-Calne Alpha 4  Silver; Daisy Gothard-Calne Alpha 4  Bronze; Nell Williams- West Dorset

15-18years  Gold; Holly King-West Dorset  Silver; Lucy Steele-Calne Alpha 4


13-15years  Gold; Alex Scrivens-Cheltenham  Silver; Isobel Hutchings-Calne Alpha 4  Bronze; Bianca Thomas-Cheltenham

15-18years  Gold; Freya Sawyer-City of Bristol  Silver; Megan Dore-Wright-Calne Alpha 4  Bronze; Megan Baber-City of Bristol


15-18years  Gold;Annabella Phipps-Cheltenham  Silver; Petra Gilbert-Cheltenham

In the routine competition it was great to see more entries than last year with a lot of great choreography and a wide range of music, the medals went to; 


Gold; Christina Lorimer


Gold; City of Bristol  Silver; Cheltenham  Bronze; Calne Alpha 4

WALES Gold; Swansea


Joint Gold; Cheltenham and City of Bristol (A)  Bronze; City of Bristol (B)

13-18 Grade 3 and below COMBINATION TEAM

Gold; City of Bristol  Joint Silver; St Austell and Calne Alpha 4

13-18 Grade 3 and above COMBINATION TEAM

Gold;  Cheltenham 

The event ran to time despite the figure competition over-running and we thank all the officials and volunteers who made the competition possible and also Plymouth life centre for all their assistance and great facilities.

Alyson Bashford (Meet secretary)

Posted by Swim England South West on October 4th 2018

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