Reminder of Insurance Cover

We have already seen and heard of many clubs across the country moving their club activity back online in the current lockdown period. As a Club Secretary of a Swim England affiliated club, we wanted remind you what you need to do to ensure that your club insurance covers you for this activity. 

As part of your club affiliation with us, Swim England provide all clubs with insurance to cover your members whilst they are taking part in activities recognised by Swim England. This includes Public Liability, Employers Liability, Management Liabilities and Personal Accident as outlined in your insurance schedule. 

To ensure that your club and members are fully covered for land or virtual training activity by your club, it's important that all your members are registered members with Swim England. You also must be following our guidance for land and virtual training sessions.
Click here to view the guidance

All members need to be registered on the Online Membership System (OMS) to take part in land based training or outdoor training activities during the lockdown period. Failure to register active members may result in your members not being covered if an incident were to happen that results in a claim under the club insurance.

Posted by Swim England South West on December 17th 2020

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