Regional Representation at Home Nation Meets

The National Summer Meet (50m) 2019 is Swim England’s biggest domestic swimming event of the year. It took place at Ponds Forge, Sheffield from 31 July – 4 August.

The Summer Meet forms part of a swimming competition structure in Great Britain whereby the top ranked swimmers in each event are invited to compete at the British Swimming Summer Championships.

The next ranked swimmers at English affiliated clubs – or those who have chosen to be ranked as an English swimmer – are invited to compete at the English Nationals.

The rankings are on swimmers’ performances at level 1 meets between the qualification window, between 1 March and 28 May 2019.

The South West represented with clubs from across the Region, and had many finalists from a wide range of clubs.

Over the week there was 192 finalists from the South West Clubs, which is a huge improvement from 2018. Many of these finalists managed to place within the top 3.

Swimmers in the region also competed in the Scottish and Welsh nationals, held in Edinburgh and Swansea respectively.

Well done to all swimmers, clubs and coaches who were involved, it is a brilliant achievement to represent your club and the region at a national event.

Posted by Swim England South West on August 19th 2019

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