Region Team Announcement for International Meet

The Region has selected a team of 30 swimmers to attend the Lisbon International Meet who will be representing the South West.

The team will depart on 6th and return on 10th February


James BARTLEY                   Mount Kelly

Mark EDMUNDSON              Bath AS

Oliver FAIRMAN                    Poole

Calvin FRY                            Millfield

Josh GAMMON                     Plymouth Leander

Adam HALL                           Tewkesbury

James HART                         Plymouth Leander

Robbie HEMMINGS               Poole

Reid JONES                          Plymouth Leander

Robbie JONES                       Mount Kelly

William MITCHELL                 Millfield

Samuel PERKS                      Plymouth Leander

Ethan RAYMENT                    Plymouth Leander

Joseph RUSSELL                   Mount Kelly

Alec WHITE                            Exeter City

Rhiannon BOWEN                 Bath AS

Olivia BURROW                     Exeter City

Olivia BUTLER                       City of Bristol

Georgina DENNIS                  Mount Kelly

Phoebe KELMAN-JONES      Swim Bournemouth

Macy LAWRENCE                 Mount Kelly

Sophie MAIN                          Mount Kelly

Laura McNAB                         Bath AS

Polly PAINTER                       Millfield

Amy PEMBERTON                Plymouth Leander

Flora PERKIN                         Exeter City

Jessica PODGER                   Millfield

Hollie STEER                         Dartmoor Dartes                                            

Tatiana TOSTEVIN                Millfield                                             

Sophia WILSON                    Millfield

Posted by Swim England South West on October 16th 2019

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