Officials and Training update.

  1. Swim England have updated their guidance on the training of Swimming Officials during the period of return to competition.  This version will be in force until 31/3/22 - click here to view the document. 
  2. The Region is continuing to fund training of J1 candidates by issuing a voucher to cover the £20 cost.  How to apply remains unchanged. Follow the link for detils: (scroll down to the officials section) 
  3. The Region is continuing to fund all J2 training which commences with ZOOM workshop held in the fourth week of each month at 7.30pm on Wednesdays in January, March, April, May and June and in February on the fourth Thursday (25/2/22).  Click here for details on how to apply.  (Please make this a link to the fact sheet which I have updated and needs to replace the fact sheet currently on the website)

All queries on officials training may be referred to Jill Beard the Regional Officials Training and Development Coordinator (please make this a link to my email

Posted by Swim England South West on December 21st 2021

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