Officials Requirements from March 2022 Onwards

Following discussions between the Chair of the SLG and the Chairs of your respective groups, it has been agreed that the temporary relaxation on the number and level of qualification of officials required for licensed meets will end as planned on 10th March 2022. This was the intention outlined in the document currently on the website and so any organisers of meets after this date should have been aware of the likelihood.

From 11th March it will revert to pre-pandemic levels click here to view the document

Please note the comments regarding those meets that may fall short by one official in on session – this is not intended to be a “get out of jail” card for poorly organised meets but is a recognition that unforeseen events can and do happen, for all sorts of reasons. However, Licensing Officers are only able to make informed decisions if they are made aware of the true circumstances.

Posted by Swim England South West on February 28th 2022

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