National Volunteers Week 2022 - Day 6

On day 6 of Volunteers week we asked our Water Polo Manager, Mike Coles, a few questions about his experiences volunteering. 

1. How did you become a volunteer in aquatics?

The role of water polo secretary was vacant in my club, Weston-super-Mare Swimming Club, and because I had the ability and skills to carry out the role, and I volunteered. That was the start of it, and 45 years later, and with many new-found friends in both the sport and its peripheral circles, here I am, still enjoying the roles I have.

2. What have been your volunteering highlights?

The awards and accolades I have received along the way, such as being asked to be county president for Somerset, and regional president for the South West Region, but most of all being asked to help out with the running of the 2007 European Water Polo Championships at Manchester Aquatic Centre.

3. What advice would you give to potential volunteers?

Learn to sit on your hands! No, I'm joking! The sport of aquatics cannot run without volunteers, and remember that somewhere, someone has done the job before, so don't be afraid to ask for help?

Posted by Swim England South West on June 6th 2022

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