June Volunteer of the Month

Alex Towells of Bridgwater Swimming Club has received the award of Regional Volunteer of the Month for June.

Alex has been a member of Bridgwater swimming club for many years and an excellent role model to our younger members. He is very polite and respectful towards the coaches, committee members, parents and pool staff.  

Alex is always prepared to go out of his way to help with fund raising events. This was demonstrated when the club were asked to walk behind the Bridgwater carnival collecting money, Alex was one of only a few swimmers to volunteer, as this is a very long and cold evening.

During our home events Alex will always arrive early to help set up and ensure that swimmers know where they should be and when.  

During his time, he has been vice captain and captain of our club and has now taken some coaching qualifications and as a volunteer, coaches our younger swimmers.

Alex is very patient and will always make a swimmer feel at ease and build their confidence in new situations such as taking that first dive off the blocks or entering their first meet. 

Congratulations Alex on your achievements. 

Posted by Swim England South West on June 1st 2019

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